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Kannada scripts are in demand across south India !!


At last Sandal-wood is making us to feel Proud !! look at the news below !!

The 60s, 70s and 80s still continue to be referred to the golden era of the Kannada film industry. Film personalities like Puttanna Kanagal and Shankar Nag, among a host of others, made films that were a hit, not just in Karnataka, but outside the state too. The years after saw a dip in audiences for Kannada films — owing to reasons such as increase in competition, too many non-Kannada speaking residents in the state, and even a lack of quality scripts.
Of late though, things seem to have come full circle (Like History Repeats) what with the number of recent Kannada films being picked up for remakes in other languages. Director Pavan Wadeyar, whose films Govindaya Namaha and Googly are being remade in other languages, says, "The rights to the Hindi version of Govindaya Namaha have just been sold. I can opt to direct it as well, but I am not too sure about taking it up as I have already shot this film twice  once in Kannada and again in Telugu." News has it, his film Googly, one of the bigger hits in the industry this year, will be remade in Telugu and Tamil.

Incidentally, comedy star Sharan's yet-to-be-released film Victory too has found takers in Tollywood. Producer Shyam says, "Actor Allari Naresh happened to see the trailer and making of Victory and is keen on remaking it in Telugu." ---------------Source Sharanya CR, TNN Aug 20, 2013
I Watched the Movie 15 Days Back at Veeresh Theatre, Songs are melodious, story is modern, 
Over all Good !! 

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