Architecture-Interior Design-Project Management Services

Archimage philosophy is to achieve a successful fit/blend between buildings purpose and its design, it needs the architects and the clients together engage in a process of exploring the values and choices that will evolve into the final form of the building.

Architecture is not about building an impossible structure but about building what makes sense for a specific purpose and for a particular setting. The motion of inherent build ability is central to our work 

Sustainability has been a guiding principle of our work. As architects, we have a responsibility to respond to the issues of energy conservation, of ecology and of renewable materials, we have to use resources efficiently while we advance our clients goals. Most important factor is that of saving energy and resources that will eventually save the EARTH

The very essence of the word DESIGN implies planning, organization and aesthetics. And a designer’s most important skill is the ability to listen and execute the expectations of the Client.

The Key Person of ARCHIMAGE   Ar. Maltesh B. After Completion of Degree in Architecture, has worked  over twelve years as a Senior Architect & Interior Designer, with well known architects (Rathi Associates, Somaya & Kalappa Consultants Pvt. Ltd, RSP Architects India Pvt. Ltd, Etc. . . ) in Bangalore,  and finally has resigned RSP to Serve better  independently through ARCHIMAGE (since-2001), now we have over 200 + Satisfied Clients, who  are proud of Our Design & Execution  Services.